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☆★ SEXY 8 ビート ★☆

Vector Icons
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You've somehow stumbled upon Vector Icons. Icon/Graphics community owned by gunner-rikku, originally located at raspberry_icons. There's an assortment of icons ranging from J-pop to video games. In the future, graphics will also be posted here as well.
+ If you use any of my icons/graphics please credit me in keywords, whether it's by this community, or my actual username. If I find that you aren't crediting, it's a 3 rule strike, meaning if you don't credit, and I catch you 3 times, I will ban you from the community.
+ Please don't edit or alter any of the icons/graphics, even if you think they're bases, they most likely aren't. If you would like something CHANGED then contact me and let me know. I will customize icons, but only if I'm in the right mood, which is rare.
+ If you don't want to, you don't have to comment, but it is appreciated if you let me know which icons you're taking.
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